Launch of new strength based approach for child protection


‘Making (and ending) child protection plans is one of the most significant interventions we can make into the lives of children and their families – it is incumbent on us all to ensure we do so effectively, for the right reasons, for the right period and with a sharp focus on risk and who needs to do what to reduce those risks. Children on child protection plans live within their family networks – placing those families at the heart of the planning process is clearly sensible and necessary’.

Mark Gurrey – DSCB Independent Chair

The new CP pathway was launched on the 1st February 2017. The new model will provide a robust approach to balancing risks and strengths, identifying and building on the assets around the child and harnessing these to reduce risks.

So far seven multi-agency workshops have been held across Devon, providing an introduction to the strength based approach to child protection to over 500 practitioners. 500 are booked on the remaining courses. There are limited places available but  more  workshops will be available throughout the year. For information about the workshops and  to book a place please visit CPD Online (if you have not booked onto any of our training courses before, please have a look at our guidance on how to create a CPD account). If you have any questions about the training, please contact our training team:

If you have attended one of the workshops please use this as an opportunity to disseminate learning to others without your organisation.

Two videos have also been developed for practitioners  and families to use which are available below. These videos give an overview of the new approach.


For further information, copies of report templates and guidance on the new child protection process please go to

Exemplars of forms will also be available to download from our website in the coming weeks.

Please remember that the next few months will be critical in evaluating and developing the model and your contribution to this is valued. There will be many opportunities for you to give your feedback and we would encourage you to complete a short feedback survey after each conference. They take very little time!


We have done our very best to consider the impact of change from every perspective however, with a change of such size, uncertainties or snags are likely. We invite you please to contact us through a dedicated queries mailbox if you need some support or clarification or need to highlight a difficulty. Your comments will be welcome and we will collate them into frequently Asked Questions regularly. Please raise any queries by emailing